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Thursday, 10 September 2009

I missed the bus twice!

However, the sun is shining today in my corner of the world and, luckily, I had a great book in my monstruosity of handbag: The Self on the Page, by Celia Hunt. For first time in months I haven't had a tantrum when things didn't go as expected. I sat down on a bench. Enjoying the warmth of this Autumn miracle on my face and read a few pages, which thought-provoking words gave me enough ideas to keep my mind happily occupied for the rest of the bus journey.
And yes, I was 30 minutes late at work. So what? The classes haven't started yet. I am the boss of my time.

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Ana y Rui said...

Faltaría más Verónica!! Enjoy the sunshine while u can:-) And beware of workoholics 'cause otherwise u may become one of them... and u don't want that. XX

Vienna said...

¡No, workaholic, no! ¡La bicha, ni nombrarla!